This is not just wedding food, this is not just a wedding barbecue, this is an experience. An experience and food journey your guests will remember for years to come.

If you are looking for something a little bit different to make your wedding stand out from the rest, The Flaming Gourmand provide a decadent barbecue feast.

Using the best quality locally sourced meats, fresh herbs and vegetables we cater for weddings from 20 guests to 500 guests.

The options are endless ….here are just a few suggestions we will work with you to create your dream barbecued wedding feast.

The Brazilian Banquet

The sumptuous array of colourful salads, unique relishes, crunchy creamy slaws provide the most perfect accompaniment to the steaks. The enormous steaks of skewered meats; chicken, lamb, sirloin of beef, salmon fillets…they just keep coming. Carved at your table in true Brazilian style, our griller waiters will roam around the room, carving on demand. Your guests can sit back, chat, drink, relax and feast.

Surf & Turf Table boards

A centrepiece of huge flame grilled steak, buckets of Tiger prawns and mounds of triple cooked chips.

The Flaming Feast

A table adorned with all the flavours of a barbecue you can imagine and many more. Platters of rotisserised meats, bowls brimming with slaws, relishes, tomatoes, roast vegetables, sausages, boards of cheeses, pots of sauces. Sweetcorns baked over coals in their sheaves, fish baked in thai spices and baked on banana leaves.

Build your own Burger Bar

Flaming Gourmand 100% beef burgers served with dishes of all the accompaniments you could dream of. Dig in, help yourself!

Let’s not forget the canapes, those little mouth sized pieces of yum. From Vietnamese inspired pickled cucumber and hot sweet pork belly bites, king prawn and Chorizo grilled mini skewers to warm chewy halloumi chunks drizzled with vibrant and fragrant chimichurri. The perfect nibbles to partner pimms and prosecco!

Room for more?

Desserts? Ooo la la… Oh we love a dessert! Hot roasted whole candied rum soaked pineapples, gooey bananas baked in their skins smothered in warm decadent fudgey chocolate sauce…Bowls heaped with warm freshly made doughnut balls covered in sugar….oh heaven

As the sun sets, the chimineas lit and the evening guests arrive, and the party cranks up the coals are alive again ready to cook up the late evening munchies. Choose from a posh dog station with huge beef and pork sausages, a burrito bar with rotisserised meats, bowls mounded with rice and an abundance of guacamole! Freshly made sweet crepes served with a variety or fillings including the newly weds signature choice.

These are just suggestions. Dive into the sample menus and get carried away….We will work with you to design a bespoke menu that you and your guests will LOVE.

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