Street Food

…but not as you know it

We make dressings, incredible salads and a few pretty tasty relishes but barbecues are our focus, COAL, FIRE, SMOKE, chicken wings, scallops, peaches, steak, fish…roasted, rostisseried, seared, charred, smoked. The smell wafting down the road, across the field…the sounds of the meat juices dripping into flames, just follow our nose and listen out, you will find us at a festival/market near you.

Our menu is constantly changing but remains concise, focussing on one main ingredient…FIRE. The flavours and cooking method are Brazilian and Mediterranean. Marinated meats, fresh herbs and vegetables locally reared and sourced a mile from our base but flavoured straight from the Brazilian markets, Moroccan mountains and Sicilian bakery’s.

At the tent, you will find The FG Toasted Puccia’s at the top of the menu. These incredible genuine Italian round flat breads, create THE most amazing BBQ GRILLED TOASTIES.

Vegan or vegetarian? The menu has many vegan and vegetarian friendly options. The chimichurri dressing is to die for!!

A QUICK SNIFF OF THIS MONTHS MENU…. just a couple to get that nose twitching

The Hanger Steak Puccia

24 hour marinated hanger steak, skewered roasted over coals medium/rare, slow roasted cherry tomato relish, cider onions, wild rocket…. stuffed in a Puccia and toasted to heaven

The Epicurean Box (this is a beast)

FG seasoned Fries, churrasco de frango, prawns, chorizo, hanger steak, Brazilian black bean sauce, grilled corn salsa, cracked black pepper 

The Mushroumi Melt

One huge Portobello mushroom, an enormous chunk of grilled halloumi basted in the freshest chimichurri dressing…it tastes like a field of fresh herbs on a garlic farm. Add a big spoon of grilled corned salsa and toasted in a Puccia…. sit back, close your eyes and dribble 

Chicken Wings of the Day

These really do change a lot; we can’t make our mind up which are the favourite but they literally fly out (sorry!). They are marinated, seasoned, rubbed all over and then rotisseried into the most juicy and crispy nibbles you’ll be back for a second portion

It’s time to crank that beast up and get those Brazilian rotisseries turning…here is where your nose will find us next….

Download A Sample Menu