Mobberley Angus Beef

The cows roam 260 acres of the Cheshire countryside. They are based on the Norbury family farm and are out all year round, only coming inside to calve. Welfare of these Angus cows and quality of the meat is paramount. Born and reared on the farm, slow grown and fed solely on natural forage and fresh green grass, the cows thrive outside and produce superb meat as a result.

The Mobberley Angus beef boxes contain 12 cuts of beef ranging from 35-day aged steaks to roasting joints and burgers; all of which are all frozen and delivered in a specially designed insulated box.


Local Cheshire Farmers Competition (2018)

3rd in beef breeding

Local Cheshire Farmers Competition (2019)

– 1st in beef breeding
– 1st in whole farms under 300 acres
– 2nd in beef feeding
– Over all reserve farm champion 2019

Beef Farmer of the Year 2020

Finalist ( top three people) for Beef Farmer of the Year to be announced Feb 2021

Meat Boxes