Our Story

Barbecuing has always been in my life, it is something I have done in the rain or on a baking hot sunny day, even in the snow. Every Christmas the festive jumpers are adorned, the barbecue is cranked up and the turkey is roasted over the cockle warming coals. Most week nights, every weekend, and yes of course our wedding. It had to be a barbecue feast!

It all started with a little barbeque from the local garden centre and then a Weber and then another weber, a smoker, a brinkman and then the rotisserie. Oh my the rotisserie! It was love at first site when it arrived in its box after travelling all the way from Brazil to our kitchen in Knutsford.

Since then the BBQ’s have got bigger, the rotisseries have multiplied and our love for all things coal, fire, smoke and flavours intensified more than we thought was possible.

We have grilled for events from 10 guests to 150 guests, with menu’s ranging from spit-roasts to baked scallops in their shells.

It just keeps getting better and better and we can’t wait for what this summer will bring…

Let’s Crank Crank Crank it up!!

I’m Christo, a self-confessed BBQ geek.

It was my popsy that first introduced me to cooking over coals. We spent hours, rain or shine cooking up the centrepieces for the family Sunday lunches, Christmas dinners, Friday rum and steak nights…whatever the excuse, we were always out there putting the world to rights and discussing his dahlias.

My dreams have come true, barbecuing is now my full time job and my favourite pastime, awesome!