…is not just a barbecue it is an experience.

Risen from a besotted passion for all things coal, fire and good food, it is an epicurean barbecue feast.

We specialise in Brazilian Churrasco style rotisserie meats, grilled fish and vegetables gently roasted over flames.

All our recipes are a labor of love and fusions of flavours from around the world. The menus are created using the freshest locally reared meats from our friends at The Lambing Shed, homemade sauces and ethically sourced spices.

Got a wedding or event? Our menus range from a hog roast to full Brazilian style marinated joints of rotisseried meat cooked to perfection giving you that something special that really can not be explained until we come to you, canapés of bbq roasted squid to build your own burger stations, the options are endless!

Lets connect and start to building your bespoke menu making your event the talking point of the year.


Ever tried billy goat?

All our meat is chosen with respect for the animal, our chickens have had a happy life roaming in the fields, our fish sustainably sourced and our goat, well our lovely billy goat story can be found here….


Vegetarian or Vegan?

We have lots for you!

Contrary to popular belief, barbecues aren’t just for meat eaters and we pride ourselves on the vegetarian options available and how they are cooked.

Our Vision

Our vision is quite simply to provide amazing flavours through grilling incredible fresh local produce over flames. We are not a normal barbecue company or a catering company that “can do” a barbecue, the food is different, its gourmet, its sumptuous, it’s an epicurean BBQ experience.

At The Flaming Gourmand …..